Tag someone’s clothes and get inspiration for your wardrobe


Women are always looking for inspiration for their wardrobe and most of the time they find this inspiration by looking at other women. Women’s magazine Flair wanted to do something with this insight.


Instead of tagging people, you can tag people’s clothes or accessories and ask them where they got them. Flair introduced this Facebook application on their facebook page, where they can tap into a fanbase of 17.000 people. It inspired women with new ideas for their wardrobe in a fun and easy way.

Step 1 : open the Fashiontag application

Step 2 : choose a picture of one of your facebookfriends, tag a piece of clothing

Step 3: ask a question and it will be posted on your friend’s wall

Step 4 : Answered tags are published in Flair Magazine. This way Flair maintains a conversation with their readers both offline and online


12 days after the launch Flair’s number of Facebook fans doubled (+14,000). The campaign was featured on 67 blogs, it was also highlighted as a case for Facebook Studio.

To bring this idea even more to life Flair stylists also tagged women at the Flair shopping day. Pictures were published in the magazine afterwards.


  • Facebook studio award 2012, Gold

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