Amazing clairvoyant reads your mind, but also your bank account number.

The brief

As part of a safe internet banking campaign, Febelfin – the Belgian federation of the financial sector – wanted to make people aware that the information they share online can be used against them.

The idea

We put a tent on a square in Brussels with an extremely gifted clairvoyant inside, Dave. Random people were invited into the tent to have their mind read (as part of an upcoming tv show so we told them). And Dave revealed increasingly detailed information about their lives, including financial information. Then we revealed the magic behind the magic. Dave was wearing a little microphone and people had actually been hacked on the spot by some real top notch hackers. And by doing so urging everybody to be more vigilant.


The shock wasn’t limited to the people in the tent, it went around the world and through the roof from the very start. The online film – made from the stunt – was topping more than 10 million views on Youtube and was shared over 800.000 times. The ‘online safety banking’-site visits increased by 286%. But more importantly: we provoked a huge public debate in all major newspapers, both online and offline, and on national television. It even made the front page of two important Belgian news magazines.

“This simple yet brilliant narrative gets the point across!”


Featured in


  • Cannes Lions 2013, Gold in PR
  • Eurobest 2012, Bronze in PR
  • Eurobest 2012, Bronze in Media
  • Eurobest 2012, Silver in Promo & Activation
  • New York Festivals, Bronze in Outdoor Ambient
  • CCB 2012, Silver in Film
  • CCB 2012, Silver in Cyber
  • Caples Awards 2013, Gold