The bullying christmas choir

The brief

Raise awareness and generate extra calls for De Opvoedingslijn, an advice hotline for parents with out of control kids.


A few days before Christmas, a children’s choir started singing carols in a shopping mall. Could there be anything more adorable? We turned that happy little image upside down pretty quickly. The innocent-looking kids weren’t singing the usual carols. Instead of Jingle Bells, the lyrics were changed to reflect drug use, bullying and some other unsavory habits. The whole stunt was captured and made into an online film.


The movie immediately went viral: over 700.000 people watched it on YouTube. The day after it was released, the bullying children’s choir made it into the vrt and vtm news. All major newspapers ran articles about the misbehaving kids and how De Opvoedingslijn can be helpful. As a result, a lot of parents (re)discovered the hotline: 5 times more people called or mailed.


  • Cannes Lions 2012 – Shortlist
  • Cannes Lions 2012 – Shortlist
  • CCB 2012, Gold
  • CCB 2012, Silver
  • CCB 2012, Bronze
  • Eurobest 2012, Bronze

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