Coolblue, one of the biggest and fastest growing online retailers in the Netherlands and Belgium, is working hard on its brand image. The company wants to show what makes them exceptional – the wide range of delivery possibilities and the easy-to-reach expert helpdesk – to a bigger audience.


Make TV commercials that highlight the company’s strengths, keeping the Coolblue DNA and baseline in mind: Coolblue, everything for a smile.


We created 2 stories where Coolblue offers help, no matter how extreme the situation gets.

The first story ‘son’ is about a couple in their sixties who find it’s time that their son, well over 30, finally left the house. Coolblue offers help, getting him out tomorrow, on a Sunday, or even today.

The second story ‘lawnmower’ is about a man who’s lawnmower started to turn against him and eventually haunts him. Coolblue puts its client service employees to work. By helping the poor man by email, twitter, and telephone, even when it’s almost midnight, even on Sunday.