It’s the middle of the night. Your best friends calls for help. What would you do?

The brief

Positioning Carlsberg beer as a reward for people showing courage. Giving a new meaning to the concept of friendship in beer advertising.


We set up a reality experience: young men called their best mates to rescue them in the middle of the night. They told they lost a poker game and urgently needed someone to bring cash money. Otherwise they couldn’t leave the room… Nearly all friends turned up. At the reveal, you witness true friendship at its best, with an emotional ending. As a nice extra, the participating friends now have an eternal visual proof of their friendship.


The questions “What would you do to save a friend in need?” and “Would my friends do that for me?” not only lies in the heart of the campaign but in the heart of all conversations. Globally.

The Carlsberg friendship test went around the world from the very start. The talk-value of the campaign was instant and the social video – made from the stunt – made the online and offline headliners instantly, gained over 4 million views and over 400.000 shares in its first week (still counting).

After 2 weeks over 160 million people were reached and earned media was estimated over 4 million dollars (and still counting).

“Carlsberg hired Duval Guillaume Modem — the Belgian agency famed for its elaborate public hoaxes — to create this new ad, which puts a group of best friends to the test when one of them calls late at night begging for money.”



  • London International Awards 2013, Silver in Non-traditional
  • Eurobest 2013, Silver in Promo & Activation
  • Eurobest 2013, Gold in Film
  • Cannes Lions 2013, Bronze in Media
  • Cannes Lions 2013, Bronze in Film
  • Cannes Lions 2013, Bronze in Branded content

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