Mobile provider BASE offers Spotify Premium for less than the going rate. Aim: raise awareness and communicate this promotion to music lovers attending dance festivals in Belgium.


We created the PartyDrone: a branded hexacopter carrying a lightweight carbon case with an amplifier, 3 speakers and a lightshow of LEDs and moving heads. This Spotify-powered PartyDrone could fly along with people and make them look up while it played their favorite song and a personalized marketing message.

How it works

When people registered for festival tickets, they were asked to add their favorite song to the Spotify-playlist. When people arrived at the venue to claim their tickets they were matched with their earlier song selection and the drone was deployed to follow them as they entered the festival area. As concert goers made their way from the ticket booth to the concert area, the drone would fly overhead flashing its lights and playing the person’s favorite song.


On the festivals, a select number of people had a unique Spotify – experience. But the campaign travelled much wider than that. Numerous marketing, technology and music websites and blogs, both national and international, covered the story. And most important of all, 22.407 people registered for a BASE+Spotify Premium trial. Which is on average 45% more than former trial campaigns.

“The PartyDrone serves as an entertaining, multi-sensory approach to marketing”


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