Jamming prime time tv shows to advertise 4G-MOBILE network

The brief

Belgian telecom operator BASE wanted to let all Belgians know their 4G network was now available everywhere in Belgium. Problem: at the same time their main competitors were also rolling out their 4G network. Challenge was quiet obvious: Stand out!


Instead of doing a long and expensive media campaign, we decided to focus all our efforts (and budget) on one prime time evening, with unique never done before TV billboards that got every viewer’s attention. All prime time TV shows on all Belgian channels suddenly jammed, while a typical YouTube loading icon appeared. A couple of seconds later it became clear that there was no technical malfunction.

It was a message from BASE: You’re not used to waiting at home. So why wait when you’re on the move? With BASE 4G, you can surf anywhere as fast as at home. To make sure the surprise element wouldn’t wear off and also not to annoy people (since we interrupt their favourite program), we chose to run this idea one prime time evening only.


By jamming all prime time shows on all main commercial channels we reached 63,3% of all Belgians in just one evening. Because of the visual trick of the loading icon the commercial was way more impactful than a normal commercial. The campaign even made it into the biggest Belgian newspaper and became a topic on twitter in Belgium, generating a lot of positive reactions.

“In ads from the hot agency DuvalGuillaume, BASE actually paid TV stations to randomly pause for buffering, before telling consumers that its 4G service provides no such impediment.”

— www.businessinsider.com

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