AXA Insurance wanted to renew the way they communicate with people, particularly with the target group 25-44. This segment is always more skeptical towards sales pitches from brands and financial services being one of the least trusted industry, the challenge was not easy. On top of this, AXA wanted to introduce and claim its brand-new international positioning, and show to consumer how the brand would “empower them to live a better life”.


In order to catch the interest of the target group, AXA decided to act as a content producer rather than a simple advertiser. They created an entertaining web series called “Who’s Next?” describing the eccentric projects of creators willing to solves problems of today’s society (such as global warming, exhaust gas pollution or population ageing). The humorous series consists of six episodes of 90’’ and have been produced by Roses Are Blue. This catchy content will be promoted on social media and released one episode at a time on the blog with content explaining the role of AXA in social problem solving and how the company want to empower people to live a better life.