Are you inviting burglars into your home?


These days we share our whole lives online… especially when we’re on vacation. But we don’t always realise who could be watching.


AXA insurance searched for tourists who were showing off their coolest holiday pictures on various social media. We took their posts and turned them into doorhangers with an unexpected message: “Please, come on in. I’m on vacation.” As if you invited burglars into your home. In no time we found the addresses of our victims and confronted them with their personalised doorhangers. To make even more people aware of their behaviour, we captured the doorhangers in a social movie which we targeted to Belgians who were on vacation on that very moment.


More than 615.000 people watched the video from their pool chair. Due to smart targeting we achieved a clickthrough rate that was almost 7 times higher than the market average. But then again, what else would you do on holiday?