Air France offers a different flying experience for the Belgians. Flying with Air France means you can actually fly without the hassle of an airport. Why? Because they turned the Brussels Midi train station into a perfect alternative for Brussels Airport. There is no queuing, you drop your luggage right away and take a TGV to the airport in Paris. Hereby, you get more time to enjoy your goodbye. Only, nobody knew this convenience even existed…


To illustrate that traveling with Air France means having more times to say goodbye, we developed a platform on which people could take their time to say goodbye. The platform started to rotate from the moment people entered to say their goodbyes. At the same time their magical goodbye was being filmed by a film booth, supported by Air France hostesses, so they could afterwards share it on social media or just keep it for themselves as a reminder. Since it is Air France, a French airlines company, we wanted to give everything ‘a touch of France’. During our activation we invited well-known travel/lifestyle bloggers to write about and share some pictures of their experience on Social Media.


Over 600.000 people interacted with the campaign. Over 7million potential customers were reached. Departures at Brussels with Air France augmented with 38% shortly after the campaign.