Duval Guillaume Modem is a creative agency adapted to the digital era helping brave brands to do the same.

Every brand is a promise
Consumers don’t think above, below or online. Consumers think brand, whatever the medium or the message. We blow up the line.

Brand teams
The creative process at Duval Guillaume is driven by brand teams, led by a project manager. The clients define the goals of the projects. There are no departments at Duval Guillaume, just brand teams.

Big ideas
Only ideas are the carriers of new thoughts and can influence behaviour. Ideas are what differentiate human beings from other animals and computers. Ideas originate from creative processes, not from procedures.

The first medium for any brand message is digital. We believe that strong brands – big or small – will have the power to be their own medium.

It can all work so long as one does not stop working until it works.

What we do:

  • Advertising
  • Corporate design – rebranding
  • HR communication
  • B2B communication
  • Direct marketing
  • Digital & interactive marketing
  • PR services
  • Branded magazines
  • Events