The Brief


The European Commission created a platform to stimulate digital intra- and entrepreneurship. Throughout the research we noticed that although we mostly only share succes stories, even the most successful entrepreneurs had their moments of doubt during the development of their company or project. So instead of sharing even more success stories we created a platform that wanted to show that doubt isn’t a bad thing. So instead of brushing this aside, the platform embraces uncertainty. Because uncertainty makes people sharp and makes them ask the right questions. Hence also the name of the platform: Watify. Which derived from “What if I …?”


The Challenge

Uncertainty and change invoke negative emotions in most people, but we wanted the logo to show that uncertainty can be something beautiful. And we wanted the logo (as part of the whole concept) to be a social object on its own, to be something that would translate the notion of doubt visually. 

What if we could have a logo that constantly questions itself, a logo that was different every time you encountered it? In our research we came across the Uncertainty Principle, a tenet from Quantum Physics, the science of probability. Probabilities are expressed as wave functions. This gave us the inspiration for the shape the logo should take.

How we came to this design

Creating an infinite amount of logos by hand is impossible, so we turned to Generative Art: creating software that generates visuals without human intervention. We wrote code that generates a random combination of shapes and lines, according to rules and parameters set by the designer. This ensures that although each wave function is completely random, they’re still similar enough to feel like they belong to the same brand. The resulting application was adapted for use in print, web, presentations and animations, ensuring that no two instances would ever be identical.